The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai) has launched a new education program, Integrative Bioscience Education Program, from fiscal year 2011. The program is supported by the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) of Japan.

Welcome to the Integrative Bioscience Education Program

Makoto Tominaga (Dept. of Physiological Sciences), Program Organizer

Objectives and Needs

 Extensive progress in genome science in the past century has yielded a huge amount of genomic information about a large variety of biological organisms. As a result, the post-genome stream in this century has brought about a number of post-genome projects, including a cyclopedic protein structure determination project (Proteins 3000), and produced new fields of science, such as proteomics, bioinformatics, and mechanobiology. To foster the development of young researchers who can contribute to the future of biology in connection with these recent developments, we need a new graduate program that promotes interdisciplinary and integrative views of biological processes, covering not only biological but also physical, mathematical, and information sciences. A new curriculum of Integrative Bioscience will thus be developed and implemented in this program, utilizing notable features of SOKENDAI: graduate school education at cutting-edge national research institutes in diverse fields.

Overall Plans

 To foster cross-cutting researchers who can advance the biological research further, we are developing and implementing the Integrative Bioscience Education Program, through the collaboration of multiple departments and different schools. Remote lecture delivery systems are used to enable students in remote locations to attend lectures in the same manner as in real lecture rooms. There will also be intensive training courses conducted in a state-of-the-art environment of education and research. Courses offered in this program include Structural Biomolecular Science, Functional Biomolecular Science, provided by a single department; Boinformatics Practical Course, Introduction to Biomolecular Simulation, Imaging Science, Molecular Cell Biology II and Basic Biomolecular Science, provided in an integrative manner by different departments; and Bioinformatics, Origin of Life, Quantitative Biology, and Integrative Bioscience, provided in an integrative manner by different schools and departments.
Most lectures will be given in English, promoting the internationalization of the SOKENDAI education as well as offering students to cultivate “the international capabilities," which is an educational principle of SOKENDAI. Every summer we organize an annual "Integrative Bioscience Summer School" consisting of special lectures and seminars focusing on a particular subject each year, for graduate students and young researchers both inside and outside Japan.  In addition, we offer a unique opportunity for students belonging to the different Departments or Schools to organize a cooperation research with their own innovative ideas and planning. This is called “Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration grant (IRC grant)”.  Through this program, students can learn how to write a grant proposal and to develop their collaborative research. 

Each lecture will be held in the department responsible for the lecture, and students in remote departments can attend the lecture by the use of a remote lecture delivery system. However, students who wish to attend a lecture onsite will be reimbursed for their transportations cost and, if they stay overnight, for part of their accommodation costs.

‘Completion Requirements’
Students who want to have certificate for completion of the Integrated Bioscience Education Program have to submit a filled application form to the program director upon acquisition of at least 4 credits of the subjects including compulsory ones ('Introduction to Integrative Bioscience' and ‘Integrative Bioscience Series’).  The application will be proven  by the committee of the Integrated Bioscience Education Program, and certificate will be given by SOKENDAI with a name of president.


How to Attend Lectures and Courses

If you would like to attend the program, please e-mail to the Program Secretariat with your name, affiliation, and student ID (year). Also, you may click "Apply for lecture" button on the schedule page for each lecture in the homepage. You will have technical support for operating the remote lecture system at your site.
The credits which can be taken by attending this program are shown in the Curriculums and credits. If you wish to take credits, you have to register them to SOKENDAI at your department office (separately from this application) during the registration period. (Without this registration, your attendance can not be authorized as a credit.)
The lectures are given as a course that involves all Departments. Therefore, you can take credits and also obtain a certificate of finishing the program, if you wish.  You are cordially invited to attend the lectures.

If you have any questions or opinions about this program, please send an e-mail to Integrative Bioscience Education Program Secretariat.


Subject codes are listed at “Students Guide” and SOKENDAI web site.

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